The Silky Smooth World of LuLaRoe

Hello everyone and welcome to the Conscious Consumer! Take a journey with me and explore where our clothes (jewelry and makeup) really come from. Each blog post will explore an ethical company that treasures not only their consumers but also the people who make their products.

Let’s begin shall we…


I’m sure you’ve all seen them, you know those girls in those in the crazy patterned leggings. The patterns range anywhere from moons to paisley to Christmas trees and yes even little squids. But do you know the company behind these adorable (and super, silky soft!) leggings? Well take a seat and let me tell you all about LuLaRoe.

Founded by Deanne Stidham, LuLaRoe creates leggings as well as other fashionable clothes that are made without the use of slave labor. While not all their clothes are made in the U.S.A, in those instances that they are not LuLaRoe uses a 3rd party company (SGS, who set the standard for integrity in the industry) to ensure that all the workers are working in safe conditions and for a fair wage.

LuLaRoe isn’t found in stores, instead people host parties (think along the lines of Mary Kay and Avon) where they showcase the clothing and consumers are invited to look around and try on whatever catches their eye. These parties and becoming a LuLaRoe Retailer in general help women (and men) have the flexibility to do what they’re passionate about. As founder, Deanne Stidham said; “That’s why I started LuLaRoe. I wanted to help other people succeed.”


So when you see those Facebook and Instagram posts from your sister-in-law or old coworker about hosting a LuLaRoe party take a look. Trust me, you won’t regret it!



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