Bombs Away!

Wouldn’t it be nice after this long, cold, snow day to take a relaxing bubble bath? And wouldn’t it be even better if it looked like a rainbow exploded in the water? The answer to both those question is yes.  How do you go about doing this, you might ask, well start up that bath water and let me tell you about Lush…


Lush, a cosmetic retailer founded by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir, has become extremely popular due in part to their colorful bath bombs. The bombs are an original Lush invention that are fulled with essential oils as well as fizzy fun, and colors.

Lush products are 100% vegetarian and none of their products are tested on animals Instead human volunteers test out the products before they are sold to the public.


Speaking of humans, Lush places stickers of the actual makers of the products on the product containers themselves. The containers also happen to be recyclable. Lush makes it easy for consumers to recycle by offering a free Fresh Face Mask for every five empty product containers brought back to the store.

Bath Bombs aren’t the only things Lush has to offer. Their products range from shampoos, lotions, and shower gels. Pretty much they sell everything that will make you smell good enough to eat.

Not only is Lush a company that is ethical and cruelty free, but it is also an affordable company. With bath bombs ranging in prices of 5-8 dollars, who can say no?



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