Back in Action

I’m not sure if I ever made this clear before, but this blog started off as a school assignment. Basically we had to pick a topic and write up weekly blogs. I chose to focus on ethical companies, as you can tell by the previous entries.

After some time of not writing on this blog, I mean the semester has been over for nearly two months now, I found myself wanting to start it up again. Over the past several months I’ve been shopping almost exclusively cruelty free when it comes to makeup and even tooth paste. Considering that goes hand and hand with my old school blog I figured I would start this up again.

I’m not too big on the name, so possibly in the future the name of this blog will change, to what? I dunno.

I’m hoping to fill this blog with reviews and possibly even videos. Also this blog is most likely going to take on more of a ‘beauty’ approach. I’m not good at doing makeup, so don’t expect beauty tutorials. However, I might film a few videos talking about the items and my opinion on them.

So if anyone still reads this blog, hiiiiiii how are you? Let’s do this! I already have so many ideas, so let’s go!


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