The Little Market

I’m a child of the prime MTV reality show era. My friends and I would hate watch Laguna Beach and The Hills. I giggle when I admit to it now, but hey during the mid-2000’s that drama was real. You might be thinking to yourself, why in the world are you talking about MTV? It’s because of The Little Market of course. What is The Little Market? – it just happens to be our favorite Hill’s Star, Lauren Conrad’s, fair-trade company. So wipe away that perfectly formed mascara tear and let me tell you about The Little Market.


Founded in the fall of 2013, Conrad along with her friend, Hannah Skvarlaer, opened the online shop The Little Market. What sets the little market apart from other online shops is of course the ethical stance it takes. All the items sold on the site are handmade by artisans around the world.  Conrad and Skyarlaer provide design insights that help the artisans showcase their culture as well as traditional skills. Everything purchased from The Little Market helps generate a meaningful and sustainable income for the workers and their families.


The Little Market works through cooperatives and social enterprises which help their partnerships with the artisans improve their quality of life in their homes and communities. They have helped form literary workshops, business training, and health programs. This allows women to work from home as they care from their families. The extra money earned can help put their children through school allowing them to be part of the first generation to graduate high school.


The Little Market sells everything from handbags to candles to home goods such as pillow cases. Their items are fairly priced for the amazing quality item you will be buying.




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