What’s the deal with Fast-Fashion?

Fast-fashion is a term used a lot when you find yourself researching for ethical sourced clothing. – but what exactly does the term ‘fast-fashion’ mean? To put it simply fast-fashion is the cheap and overly abundant amount of clothes that are readily available. These clothes aren’t made well (typically made from a cheap material) and made in a sweatshop.

The average American generates an 82-pounds of textile waste each year. If you add that up that’s more than 11 million tons from the US alone! Clothing is not made like it used to be, clothing was something to be valued. At times it was hand made and made from the finest quality. However, over the years the materials have become cheaper and more abundantly available leading consumers to dispose of items as soon as they become ‘un-wearable’

Okay, so I didn’t just write all this up to depress you, because of course there are ways to make this better! As Christen spoke about in my last post, buying clothes from a local used clothing store can really help put a dent in the waste. But I get it, sometimes you want to put on a fresh new shirt that no one has never worn before, well let me tell you about some places that will give you fresh new kicks.


A clothing company that only uses non-GMO organic cotton and non-toxic dyes to produce their clothing in sweatshop-free and family-run farms by using renewable energy factories. Not only are they completely ethical, but they are affordable as well! Their women’s dresses range from $30-$40.



A fair trade jewelry company that keeps up with the latest fashion trends by using all natural and recycled materials. The items Soko provides are guilt free and you guessed it, affordable! Artisans who are being connected to the global market make everything you see on Soko’s site. They are paid fairly for their work that is made using the best quality.


It might be easier to head to the mall and pick out a cute (and tacky) shirt from Forever 21, but before you take that shirt off the rack, think to yourself – how many wears will I get out of this? Will I really ever wear this more than once? If the answers range from one to probably never again, don’t buy it.

With companies like Pact and Soko, they answer the questions for us already. The items, whether dresses or necklaces, we know  are made from the highest quality. These items weren’t made to be sold fast, they were made to be worn with pride and for a long time.

*source on information https://truecostmovie.com/learn-more/environmental-impact/



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