Everyone loves the 2007 animated classic, Bee Movie, right?! No, not many people do, but you know what we do love…bees! But did you know that as of 2016, 7 different species of bees have been listed on the US Endangered Species List? It’s a sad fact, but very true.


Why do bees even matter? – you might ask yourself. They sting and are really annoying yes,but bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. They help pollinate so much of the food we eat and plants we see. Pollination isn’t just important to our food either, it’s vital for foraging corps used to feed the livestock as well.

Hold on though, there is good news! There are so many companies out there who are fighting to save bees.So pop in the classic Bee Movie and learn about how you can #savethebees

Burt’s Bees

Originating in Maine in 1984 by Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitv, the company originally started off as a candle making partnership. After Burt’s Bees became incorporated in 1991, their products vastly surpassed just candles. Their products began to include natural soaps, perfumes, and lip balms that quickly became their best selling product. The lip balm comes in various flavors such as beeswax and strawberry.


Burt Shavitz, is a beekeeper and it was with his bees that the first Beeswax Lip Balm was made. The company understands that it is far more than just wax that makes bees important to human beings and nature. By 2020 Burt’s Bees goal was to establish a 10,000 acre habit for bees to provide them with a much needed feast. However by 2016 they already exceeded the goal!

You as a consumer can be part of Burt’s Bees Bring Back the Bees program (the program that helps provide the critical habitat for the bees) by purchasing their Bring Back the Bees lip balm http://www.burtsbees.com/shop/lip-care/bring-back-the-bees


Me & the Bees Lemonade

Created after founder Mikaila Ulmer, got stung by a bee at age 4, the young founder became obsessed with learning more about bees. Ulmer learned that honeybees give so much to our ecosystem, that she wanted to help out as well. Using an old family Flaxseed Lemonade recipe, Ulmer used local honey to help sweeten the lemonade.

After selling out during many youth entrepreneurial events, Me & the Bees Lemonade began to donate a percentage of their profits to organizations that fight hard to save bees. Ulmer is known to say, “Buy a bottle, save a bee!”

Lemonade Mikaila

(Yes, this adorable little girl is the founder! She’s 12!)

Want to help too? – You can make a donation through their website to help facilitate workshops that support local bee keepers. https://meandthebees.com/products/donate?variant=1180311108

Bee Raw

In 2005, Zeke Freeman acquired majority ownership of Beehive Bee Products, a small start up company he helped find, and re-launched the company as Bee Raw Honey. The company helps protect honeybees by sourcing honey from only wild or organic honey sources. The company is also socially and environmentally sustainable; they employ local labor and use post-consumer paper and glass packaging for their products.

Freeman grew up on his family’s farm in Northwestern Pennsylvania, where he developed a passion for preparing food for friends and family. After years of travel he got to turn that passion into his career. A career where the food not only taste good but is good for you and the planet.


In 2013, the Bee Raw Foundation was formed. The foundation’s mission is to help save the endangered bees as well as promote crucial-to-the-planet sustainability.




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