The Most Divine Chocolate

Let’s face it, everyone loves chocolate. I know I do. Even right now typing out the word chocolate just made me crave some. But you know what makes some chocolate even better? – knowing where it comes from and who made it. So unwrap your chocolate bar and dig into Divine…


In 1998, Divine, the first ever Fairtrade chocolate bar was launched into the UK confectionery market. Co-owned by over 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo (the cooperative in Ghana) they supply the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners they get a share in all the profits as well as a say in the company.

The first product launched in the autumn of ’98 was a milk chocolate bar, since then the range has grown to over 50 different products. The products range from seasonal specialties, chocolate gifts, drinking chocolate and cocoa.


Divine is not only delicious, but also very inspirational. In 2002 the company was the runner up for the Woldaware Award for small businesses. The nomination highlighted the company’s “courageous and creative marketing stance in favour of fair trade in the highly competitive chocolate confectionery market”. The accolades don’t stop there, no, no, in 2008 Divine was voted best Ethical Company in Observer and Best Social Enterprise in 2007 just to name a few.

Now, Divine isn’t just a delicious chocolate company that wins a lot of awards, they are also a company that supports the growth of women. Divine makes it their mission to empower women who contribute a significant amount of the labor on cocoa farms. Divine supports women’s training programs that offer equal training to women, which help women earn more money. With this money earned these women can help support their families and keep their children in school.


Are you hungry yet? Sorry, not sorry. Next time you’re at the grocery store and see the beautiful packaging of Divine, pick up a bar or two…or three. You’ll know your money is going into the right hands.



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