The Root Collective

Shoes! Everyone wears shoes right? Yes, you do because many places will not serve you if you are not wearing shoes. However, do you ever think of who is making your shoes or where they come from? If that question has ever crossed your mind let me tell you where my shoes come from…


The Root Collective is a company that is ready to change the face of poor working conditions. After falling in love with La Limonada in Guatemala, CEO and founder, Bethany Tran realized that many Americans don’t realize the true impact of poverty. Bethany has made it her mission to help create a ‘culture of kindness’ by focusing on handcrafted quality goods, rather than mass production. The quality of the work not only impacts the lives of the shoe markers themselves but also the consumers.


Bethany and the rest of The Root Collective team believe that women hold immense power. As women, we are responsible for 85% of household spending. With all that spending wouldn’t you want to do something good? Women hold a key of using their money to create real change in the world; every dollar spent can spread the message of a culture of kindness.

Although adorable flats are what The Root Collective has become known for, they also sell tee shirts, clutches, and cardholders.


Side note, I own many shoes from The Root Collective. My sister and I actually wore the shoes during her wedding, so let me tell you these shoes are comfy.



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